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We know what it's like to shop for clothing online!

It can be quite frustrating if the manufacturer hasn't provided enough information to help you order the right size. That's why we've put most of our measurements conveniently on each product page.  On occasion, you may have a question about a measurement that is not already provided. We welcome you to call or
email us for any detail that we haven't stated whether it's a sleeve length, a back width or even a skirt sweep.  We want to help you get it right the first time to minimize the need for exchanges.

How to Get it Right the First Time
Our suggestion for ordering online is to measure your own clothing first! Measuring your own body can be inaccurate since our bodies often change.  Here's what we suggest:

  • Find a similar garment that fits you well now. If you're buying a skirt with stretch in it, measure a similar style skirt with stretch. If it's a jacket, measure a similar jacket.
  • Use a flexible (seamstress) tape measure for best results
  • Lay your garment on a flat surface (a clean kitchen table works great!)
    • Waist measurement - Measure the waist at the top of the skirt beginning at one side, along the edge and to the other side. Double that measurement for the exact waist size (e.g. if the skirt is exactly 16.5" from one edge to the other, then the waist on that skirt is exactly 33".)
    • Bust measurement - measure the fullest part of the bust, usually just below the armhole opening. Keep in mind that the front of the garment will be slightly wider than the back. Your final measurement will be just slightly less than double what you just measured.
    • Hip measurement - from the center front of the skirt, measure straight down about 8". Then measure the skirt straight across that point from one side to the other. Double that measurement to get the exact hip size of that skirt. HINT: If you are measuring a skirt that is a low waist style, measure down only about 6" instead of 8". If you're measuring a plus size skirt with a natural waist, you should measure down 9" instead of 8".
    • Length - from the center front of the skirt, measure straight down the center to the edge of the hem. This is the finished length.

We will be making a short video and uploading it here to give you a little extra info. In the meanwhile, you can call or email us if you have any questions or need help.

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